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What we offer

UK Hearing Centres operate with two principal objectives in mind:

To end the confusion caused by all the different hearing aid adverts which appear almost daily in the newspapers and to make choosing a hearing aid an easier and more pleasant experience for the public.

To increase the success rate of the hearing aid and to enable speech to be heard more clearly.

So how do we do this?

To end the confusion surrounding hearing aid choice we decided to form as a complelety independent organisation able to source any hearing aid from any manufacturer. This increases the chances of finding the right hearing aid at the right price for you. Most of the large and many of the small hearing aid suppliers are fully or part owned or affiliated in some way to one particular manufacturer. We have all the hearing aids they have (plus many more) ‘under one roof’.

To increase satisfaction and the success of hearing aids we offer a very comprehensive ongoing help and advice service. We have taken a new approach to hearing aid fitting, our service does not stop once you walk away with the hearing aid. You are able to take advantage of free regular check ups which will probably include adjustments to your hearing aids to further enhance speech over noise, and free ongoing help and advice regarding any aspect of your hearing aid use. We also have a unique rehabilitation programme to help you get used to your new hearing aids.

Hearing Assessment

Hearing Assessment

All hearing tests carried out by qualified audiologists.

Wax Removal

Wax Removal

Our fully qualified clinicians will perform wax removal services.

Tinnitus Treatment


We offer a full tinnitus treatment and care package.

Hearing Products Available

The range of hearing aids offered by UK Hearing Centres are custom-made and individually manufactured, so that they fit the shape of your ear exactly.

All our branches offer a wide range of styles.

The pictures below give an indication on what is available but our Hearing Aid Audiologist will help you select the ideal hearing aid to suit your needs.

Our independent centres can source hearing aids from any manufacturer enabling us to find the right solution for you.

invisible in canal hearing aid

(invisible in the canal)

The very smallest hearing aid available, which is invisible when worn.

completely in the canal hearing aid

(completely in the canal)

A very small aid which fits inside the ear canal and is hidden from view.

In the canal concha hearing aid

(in the canal) – half concha aid

An easy to handle aid which occupies part of the ear.

in the ear hearing aid

(in the ear) – Concha Aid

Fits in the ear, utilising the ear’s natural sound-gathering capabilities.

behind the ear hearing aid

(behind the ear) – Post Aural Aid

Modern technology applied to the traditional aid worn behind the ear.

receiver in the canal hearing aid

(receiver in canal/receiver in the ear)

Virtually invisible, extremely comfortable – you won’t know it is there.

body worn hearing aid

Body Worn Aid

For profound hearing loss. This is the most powerful hearing solution in the world.

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