Poynton Hearing Centre


Poynton Hearing Centre

The Poynton Hearing Centre offers free hearing tests at our premises in the centre of Poynton on Park Lane or free home visits within a 15 mile radius, covering Poynton, Hazel Grove, Stockport, Ashton, Wilmslow, Bramhall, Cheadle Hulme and the surrounding areas.

We can supply every type and make of hearing aid from all manufacturers. All hearing aids are supplied with free lifetime aftercare.

Combining the largest range of products with the best care and attention. Whether you already wear hearing aids (NHS or Private), or don’t wear them, why not give us a call today for a free, friendly and impartial consulation.

For general enquiries and to book a free, friendly and impartial hearing aid test at our hearing aid centre in Poynton or at your home, phone our office on 01625 877505 or complete the enquiry form below.



Fully qualified audiologists will assess your hearing and be able to propose the best solution for your needs.

We supply hearing aids from all the major manufacturers meaning that you are always assured of the best options available for your own hearing solution.

You are assured of the best customer service from the moment you contact us.

We offer FREE lifetime aftercare to ensure that your hearing aids are best suited, fitted and operating effectively delivering the hearing solution for your needs.


We supply products from all the leading manufacturers in the world.

The range of hearing aids offered by Poynton Hearing Centre are custom made and individually manufactured so that they fit the shape of your ear exactly.

Our ongoing customer care guarantees that your hearing aid will continue to operate effectively throughout its lifetime.


We offer a full clinical ear care service which includes wax removal by micro suction and syringing. Micro suction is our preferred method of wax removal.

A narrow tube is inserted into the ear canal and the wax gently removed through suction. There is no water involved in the process and it is quick and comfortable. Heavily impacted deep wax may still require syringing, however if syringing is administered carefully and with diligence this method should also be comfortable.


A large proportion of the population suffer with varying degrees of tinnitus. Tinnitus is a general term for any noises which are not generated by an external source.

Tinnitus can be buzzing, ringing sounds or even voices or music! There are some very advanced tinnitus maskers available which although not offering a cure will alleviate the tinnitus. We can offer advice on all areas of tinnitus management including how to de-stress to reduce the tinnitus as well as supplying the tinnitus maskers.


We are located at:

Michael Fox Opticians
56 Park Lane
SK12 1RE

01625 877505


We offer FREE hearing consultations both in our centre and also in the comfort of your own home. Simply complete this form to enquire on anything connected with your hearing and we will get straight back to you.