congleton hearing centre

A pensioner who lost his hearing because of a health conditions says a local business has “given him his life back” after he was fitted with hi-tech hearing aids designed in Silicon Valley, California.

Former businessman Terry Matthews (73) from Congleton has taken park in charity work since he retired, including driving patients to and from their hospital appointments including The Christie Hospital in Withington, Manchester, as part of Congleton Communicare. When Mr Matthews began to lose his hearing, he was no longer able to participate fully in his hobbies or his charity work, including being a keen member of Astbury Golf Club, and working as a volunteer guide for the National Trust.

Mr Matthews visited the Congleton Hearing Centre on Duke Street, where audiologist Anthony Berg was able to fit him with hearing aids to restore his hearing.

Mr Matthews said: “These hearing aids have given me back my life. Without them I found it extremely challenging to go about my daily business. I could not be involved in the charity work or the golf club to the extent I wanted.

“Now those embarrassing moments of missing hearing people or asking them to repeat themselves is a thing of the past.

“I can’t recommend Anthony and Kay at Congleton Hearing Centre enough.

“The care and attention they have given me has been totally outstanding.”

Audiologist Mr Berg has worked with hearing aids for 20 years.

Mr Berg said: “We are completely independent which means we can fit hearing aids from any manufacturer.

“We deal with all the manufacturers globally and all leading technology.”

Mr Berg became interested in hearing aids after seeing a friend do the job.

He added: “I thought his job seemed really interesting helping people to hear better. “It’s a job where you’re really helping people to change their lives and make a difference. “It requires a lot of patience and aftercare which we specialise in.”

Congleton Hearing Centre has increased its client base every year since opening more than 10 years ago.